Change is a strong word

it not only helps you to focus on the flaws in the present but allows you to move forward to make amendments towards it. A positive influence can help you change the way you perceive things, and allow you to understand and consequently make improvements along the path.
We see hope and we believe that change can lead us to a better and brighter future.

Nelson Mandela

used to say that education is our one key to success. He regarded it as a weapon that we can use to excel in every field and better our situation. We can use it to combat gender inequality, we can take its help to eliminate poverty and we can use it to create a better environment having more people aware of the crisis and the problems that we face as a nation and as a race will help us all do the little things to improve the situation. Above all this, we believe that education is our ticket to better health care. After all, the best cure for a disease is prevention. We can only achieve that if we can educate every person of the many ways of protection against harmful pathogens.

Mandela also used to that peace will start once we start educating our population even though everyone around him used say peace needs effort.

We believe

in fostering our youth towards a timeless space of education and hope to instill the values of gender equality, economic prosperity, and peace.  Furthermore, we also believe in promoting Ethiopia’s youth by incorporating change and education for a better tomorrow.

We believe in hosting a chain of good deeds through unity and togetherness. Through unity and hospitability, our homeland can move way past its countless struggles and go beyond its economic bias with peace.

It’s important

for us to give back to the community. We believe in acknowledging our customers and appreciating their time and investment through a noble cause. To establish our chain of unity towards the prosperity of the people that we assist, we at Kemis, promise to donate 2% of each sale to charity. The money will be invested in a scholarship fund for children of Ethiopia, who will not only receive quality education but will also accompany various other students in volunteer programs and take part in active extra-curricular activities to establish their psyche.

We believe that students and children will be encouraged to promote education and help others with similar educational stigmas. This will help us and consequently, the students and the children that will be part of this program, in establishing a chain of human forces that will not only battle social evils through education but will also combat illnesses and premature deaths by standing together for each other.